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Special Offers from Modern Heating

You can now save 12%* on your gas bill!

Horstmann wireless thermostat: £125.00 + VAT Fitted.

No Mess, No Fuss, No Visible Wires & Fitted in 1 Hour.

*12% saving if no room stat currently installed
*6% saving if replacing a current room stat.


Summer Offers

Save 34% on your Summer Boiler Service

Gas Service £40.00 + VAT
Oil Service £60.00 + VAT

* Applies June/July/August

Save 19% on a Magnetic Filter. 

Protect/prolong the life of your boiler. 
Reduce heating bills by up 6% per year.
Reduced carbon emissions.

Fully fitted from £130.00 + VAT

Save a life - Carbon Monoxide Detector.

Carbon Monoxide Detector, Fully Fited: £60.00 + VAT

Early warning of presence of CO.
7 year battery life / low battery warning.

Fully fitted: £60.00 + VAT.


We are proud sponsors of Matson Under 13's Rugby Team.


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